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June 2012 - Informal 'Open morning' with coffee and cup cakes


Drop in for coffee and cup cakes at Phillips’ informal ‘Open morning’ on Saturday 16th June 2012, 9.30-12.00.  We’d love to meet you. 

Ever thought you might need a solicitor?
What on earth are solicitors like?
What would you expect if you had to see a solicitor?
Are all solicitors the same?

Modern life can seem so complicated and sometimes, just sometimes, you may need a professional to help you sort things out - perhaps an accountant or your bank manager or even a solicitor.  No-one likes to get involved in a legal dispute but sometimes it’s unavoidable – you may have a really difficult neighbour who disputes the boundary round your house, or a boss who discriminates against you.  But if you have never set foot inside a law firm before, what on earth should you expect? 

Well, now’s your chance to find out.

Come along to our informal ‘Open morning’ on Saturday 16th June and drop in for coffee and cup cakes.  You’ll be able to meet our friendly solicitors who really are approachable, speak your language and are people you can trust with your personal and business affairs.  You may be thinking of moving house, making a Will, concerned about business issues, or you may be in the thick of a relationship breakdown.  Whatever is on your mind, you’ll find us good listeners and ….. we do make great coffee and cup cakes!   After all, we’ve been serving our local business and private community for the last 26 years.