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September 2013 - Tuesday 12 September 2013: Essential Employment Law Update - Breakfast Seminar

Breakfast Seminar: Essential Employment Law Update

Presented by Alastair Hodge, a highly respected London employment barrister, on behalf of Phillips Solicitors.

Venue: Central 40, Chineham Business Park, Basingstoke.

Challenged by the raft of new employment legislation and concerned about how breaches of the law could affect their business, over 35 delegates gathered at Central 40, Chineham Business Park, on Thursday 12 September to hear London Barrister Alastair Hodge demystify the topics.  Phillips Solicitors’ employment team held the event to help their clients and Basingstoke businesses protect themselves and understand the implications of the new legislation including protected conversations, changes to whistle blowing, changes to TUPE, tribunal fees, changes to tribunal procedure, changes to costs, employee shareholders and early conciliation.  Alastair, who works closely with Gill Brown, head of Phillips’ employment team, gave his famed ‘lively’ delivery and interspersed his talk with relevant anecdotes of what happens when it all goes wrong.

For information about these changes, or any other employment issue, call Gill Brown or Karen Bristow on 01256 854670