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Business Dispute Resolution

In business, disputes sometimes arise - it's a fact of life. Phillips' commercial litigation solicitors can work alongside you for business dispute resolution, whether you are doing the suing, being sued, or trying to limit the risks of being sued in the future.

We always recommend that you try to stay out of the Court room when you have a business dispute. It costs less and the solution is likely to be much more powerful - and sustainable.  But in some cases, the Courts are inevitable.

Our business dispute resolution solicitors aim to find the best solution for you by combining our strong trial capability, arbitration skills and our mediation service. Our approach emphasises practical understanding of your business problems and we have experience across every segment of the corporate and financial world. We specialise in managing complex cases involving multiple claims and parties.

We also aim to develop compliance initiatives and other techniques to help you limit the risk of having to go to Court.

In the employment field we cover employment appeals to the Employment Appeals Tribunal and to the Court of Appeal; all forms of employment related injunctions; County Court and High Court litigation.

Family mediation

Click here to find out how you can resolve family issues amicably and cost-effectively.

Commercial mediation

At Phillips we have Town Gate Mediation, a service where you can benefit from Commercial Mediation for business dispute resolution. We always recommend that mediation is a better way to resolve a dispute than through the Courts. Commercial mediation brings two parties together to discuss their differences and reach a satisfactory conclusion for both sides.

A mediator acts as an impartial third party, making sure both points of view are heard and understood. They will ensure that a settlement, when reached, is reasonable for both parties. The discussions take place in a neutral environment at the mediator's offices.

You need to fully disclose all the key facts and information before the matter can be fully discussed. The mediator endeavours to see both sides together in a non-threatening environment and will insist that some ground rules are adhered to by everyone in the room.

In certain circumstances, the mediator uses a method known as 'shuttle mediation'; the parties stay in separate rooms and, after information sharing, the mediator, literally, shuttles between the two, offering options from one to the other. Although this is not the preferred form of mediation, it can be useful when feelings are running high and getting in the way of a satisfactory conclusion.

Similarly, some people like their own lawyer to be present so that they can take legal advice during the mediation. Separate confidential areas can be allocated. At other times, individuals take the ideas back and discuss them with their own lawyers before making any decisions.

Advantages of commercial mediation

Evidence shows that business conflicts which are taken to mediation are not only resolved faster, but also allow for a better relationship between the two parties afterwards.

It is difficult to say how many sessions are needed in commercial disputes and often the mediation goes on until a resolution is found. The subject matter and the amount of information needed to help people make an informed decision can be vastly different from one case to another; however the mediator will always be determined to bring things to resolution as soon as possible.

We are members of the ADR Group, Family Mediators Association (FMA). We follow their Standards and Codes of Practice. Howard Gardener, our senior director, is a Professional Practice Consultant for FMA and part of their training team. He is also approved as a Mediator by the Community Legal Service and accredited as a Commercial/Civil Mediator with the ADR Group.

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