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Family Mediation

Family mediation services

Mediation is one of the most sensible and cost effective ways of resolving family problems when a couple's relationship has broken down.

Separation and divorce usually involve a major crisis for a family. The same is true of commercial disputes where business can be disrupted and court costs astronomical. At Phillips we can act as mediators for both private individuals and commercial clients and we have set up Town Gate Mediation specifically to offer these mediation services. You can call our mediation team on 01256 854627.

Coming to the right decisions amicably

There is often a lot of distress and anger between you and your partner and family mediation can allow matters to be resolved amicably because both of you are equally involved in the decision making. The trained mediator offers a calm, impartial centre and helps you both to limit the conflict so that you can discuss things sensibly and make the right decisions over your own lives. It is a voluntary process and you must both agree on solutions, or there is no agreement.

Best for your children

If there are children then we place them at the centre of the discussions - both of you are parents of your children and need to consider their needs and feelings because you will have a continuing relationship and responsibility even after your relationship as a couple has broken down.

Is mediation cheaper?

Family mediation services can be much cheaper than fighting through the courts with individual solicitors as you only need one, sometimes two mediators to help you make informed decisions about your future. The number of sessions of mediation will depend on the complexity of the issues.

What happens in mediation?

During the confidential sessions, your mediator will help you and your former spouse or partner to identify all the issues that need to be resolved, discuss the options and reach a settlement that is acceptable to both parties.

With our family mediation services, we aim to avoid the painful win-lose situation, making sure that disputes are resolved in mutually beneficial terms. At the end of the process we will prepare a detailed summary of the proposals reached, which you can then have made into a legally binding agreement or court order.

We are members of the Family Mediators Association (FMA) and of the UK College of Mediators and we follow their Standards and Codes of Practice. Howard Gardener, our senior director, is a Professional Practice Consultant for FMA and part of their training team. He is also approved as a Mediator by the Community Legal Service and accredited as a Commercial / Civil Mediator with the ADR Group.