Buying a house

Initial Telephone Discussion 

Our expert solicitors are here to take the worry off your hands. Please call us on 01256 460830 or email [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Buying and selling a house can be stressful, but we will endeavour to make the process as smooth as possible and of course provide you with great service.

We work well with estate agents, surveyors and those parties involved in the purchase of your home and will keep you informed all the way.

Case Creation
  • When you have instructed us to act for you in buying your new house, you must complete a questionnaire confirming your personal details and confirming your personal details and provide identification documents. This is essential as by law we cannot work on your file until these are received. We can, of course, act for you if you are selling a house as well.
  • We require you to pay money on account for any disbursements such as official enquiries and extra searches.
Before Exchange of Contracts
  • The draft contract arrives from the seller’s solicitor. We request landlord information for leasehold properties
  • We will request any additional specialist searches that may be needed on the property you are buying
  • We raise enquiries with the seller’s solicitor, obtaining answers to any queries you may have
  • Your mortgage offer must be received at this time
  • When all the replies are satisfactory we will send you the draft contract which you must sign ready for exchange
  • We must receive cleared deposit funds (unless you have a related sale in which case we will use the deposit from your buyers)
Exchange of Contracts
  • We agree a completion date with you and your sellers, through your seller’s solicitor. We will not agree completion dates until everyone in the chain is ready to exchange contracts
  • Please note that at this stage deposit monies are required and the contract becomes legally binding
Before We Complete The Transaction
  • We will prepare the necessary transfer of property documents for signature by the seller and you, if necessary
  • We will provide you with a Completion Statement
  • We must have cleared funds one full working day prior to completion
  • Although it is possible to complete in a shorter space of time, we prefer to have seven working days between exchange and completion to enable us to obtain funds from the lender and carry out final searches and checks without incurring further expense for you
  • This is the day you move, as agreed at exchange and we will advise you as soon as the transaction is complete
  • We obtain the title deeds and hand over the balance of monies to the seller’s solicitor
  • You can then pick up the keys from your estate agent
  • We will arrange for the legal completion: submit transfer of documents to the Inland Revenue, pay Stamp Duty and register your new home with the Land Registry. We will then send you a copy of the completed registration form.  So, congratulations, enjoy your new home!

How to get in contact

The Residential Property team is on hand to help you and can assist wherever you are based. Please call us for a no-obligation, initial discussion on 01256 460830 or email [email protected] and we will call or email you back.

Our office is based in Basingstoke, but we can also assist clients remotely via video and by telephone.