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When a relationships breaks down, naturally one of your first concerns will be what will happen to the children. We realise emotions can run high and achieving an agreement that will work for both parents and your children can be challenging.

However, we know that the welfare of your children will be your first priority.

There will be a number of things to think of, such as the time the children will spend with each parent. Other concerns will be which schools they attend and making arrangements for school holidays.

At Phillips, our Family Law team work hard with a sensitive and constructive approach to resolve these important issues so that you and your former partner, where possible, can reach an amicable agreement.

We always advocate the use of Mediation as a preferred way of dealing with child-related issues.

With Mediation, an impartial, trained Mediator, not connected with your case, will help you and your former partner to resolve your disputes.

They will not tell you what to do but can help you and the other parent to make agreements that are best for your children.

However, should you find Mediation is not successful or your former partner is unwilling to attend, we can negotiate on your behalf to reach a solution.

If an agreement cannot be reached we will advise you about Court proceedings, where we can can represent you at hearings.  Whatever course of action is required, you can be sure that you will be supported and represented by an experienced, fully qualified member of our Family Law team, who will use their skills and experience on your behalf.

We can advise on any aspect of a dispute where children are involved and discuss ways to resolve matters which are conciliatory and in the best interests of the children.

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