Collaborative Law

Traditionally when couples split, they each take independent advice from specialist family lawyers and try to reach agreement of how best to settle their differences.

Where couples cannot reach agreement, it is left to the family courts to decide, which can lead to heartache and uncertainty.  But collaborative law is different.

Collaborative law agreements

Collaborative law is a great alternative. You and your partner sit down all together in the same room with the help of your own specially trained collaborative law solicitors, and you work out a settlement face-to-face. Rather than dealing through your family solicitors, you work with them to reach the best solution for you and your family.

Collaborative law encourages a holistic approach to relationship breakdown, so if appropriate you and your lawyers can work together with other professionals such as counsellors, mediators, child or financial specialists to assist you. When agreement is reached, the court will deal with the endorsement of collaborative law agreements in the form of an order which is binding and enforceable, in the same way as if it had been arrived at within formal court proceedings.

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