Commercial Mediation

Evidence shows that business conflicts which are taken to mediation are not only resolved faster, but also allow for a better relationship between the two parties afterwards.

That’s why we at Phillips offer a service where you can benefit from Commercial Mediation.

We always recommend that mediation is a better way to resolve a dispute than through the Courts.

Commercial mediation brings two parties together to discuss their differences and reach a satisfactory conclusion for both sides.

The mediator acts as an impartial third party, making sure both points of view are heard and understood. They will ensure that a settlement, when reached, is reasonable for both parties. The discussions take place in a neutral environment at the mediator's offices.

You need to fully disclose all the key facts and information before the matter can be fully discussed. The mediator endeavours to see both sides together in a non-threatening environment and will insist that some ground rules are adhered to by everyone in the room.