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Please contact one of our Commercial Property solicitors who will be happy to assist you.

Call Jonathan Pender on 01256 854613 or email [email protected]

Call Jon Coles on 01256 845852 or email [email protected]

Call Graham Mott on 01256 460830 or email [email protected]

Call Emma Elkington on 01256 854610 or email [email protected]

Call Matthew Morris-Ashton on 01256 854602 or email [email protected]



You can also contact our experienced team of Legal Secretaries will also be happy to assist you:

Call Alex Hooker on 01256 854626 or email [email protected]

Call Paula Sturgess on 01256 854644 or email [email protected]

Call Sue Douglas on 01256 854607 or email [email protected]

Call Tracy Wyeth on 01256 854619 or email [email protected]

Call Camille Ranken on 01256 854617 or email [email protected]


Alternatively, call our switchboard on 01256 460830.