As an employee you have both employment rights and obligations. Your obligation to your employer is to perform your work satisfactorily and to conduct yourself appropriately.  Likewise you have the right to be fairly treated and fairly paid.

If you are having a dispute at work, feel that you are being treated differently, have been dismissed unfairly or think you have been forced to resign, we can assist you. We also have significant expertise in relation to advising on and negotiating terms of settlement agreements, including for very senior executives.


Our employment legal services

Whether you need legal advice about a general employment matter, are unsure about your employee rights, believe that you are being treated unfairly or suffering discrimination of any type or simply need advice on a settlement agreement provided to you by your employer, you can be confident that one of our expert Employment lawyers will provide professional advice and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you.


overview of our employment services

What Our Clients Say

AL, Winchester
"Oh my gosh Gill, I’m completely overwhelmed. I feel like my words thanking you is not enough. I know you did your job but you also did it with passion. I can’t thank you enough for being totally open and so supportive. This is how all lawyers should be. Advise but also care. You acted as if the problem wasn’t mine alone. I trusted you so much that it was because of you I was able to at least carry on. I’m really really thankful to have known you."
Victoria, Rugby
"I cannot recommend Jacqueline Kendal and Phillips more strongly. I had an extremely upsetting employment issue which Jacqueline helped me navigate. She was extremely approachable and friendly whilst being objective and professional throughout.
I trusted her advice and it was very clear from the outset that she is very emotionally intelligent and knew how to guide the discussion even when I felt quite emotionally invested in it.
I imagine employment issues are often quite emotive and Jacqueline steered me expertly through the process and helped inform my expectations and ultimately obtain a satisfactory outcome."