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Kate Garraway: Finding Derek – Lasting Powers of Attorney

31st March 2021

Kate Garraway’s documentary Kate Garraway: Finding Derek, has exemplified the importance of having Lasting Powers of Attorney in place.

Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

29th March 2021

Haymarket Family Mediation is participating in a scheme where separating couples are being offered £500 vouchers to spend on family mediation to help them avoid acrimonious court proceedings.

Commercial Property – The New Use Classes Order

24th March 2021

The commercial property market has seen a major overhaul of the ‘use class’ system in England. Emma Elkington, who is an Associate Solicitor, specialising in commercial property sets out the changes.

Uber ruling has implications for gig workers and employers

18th March 2021

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling concerning Uber drivers being classified as workers and not independent self-employed contractors has important implications for gig workers and employers

Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday extension

11th March 2021

To the relief of many home buyers, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak extended the Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday by three months until 30th June, 2021.

Property disputes involving unmarried couples

3rd March 2021

As more and more people choose to live together rather than marry, there has been an increase in the number of disputes between separating couples and the use of TOLATA claims.

Is choosing not to negotiate in your divorce worth the risk?

25th February 2021

In financial remedy proceedings, separating couples are now encouraged to actively negotiate as part of a divorce.

Use it or lose it – lifetime gift allowances

24th February 2021

Wills and Probate solicitor Sian Lias offers a timely reminder about minimising inheritance tax with lifetime gifts.

Contract Formation: Whose Terms Apply?

18th February 2021

Commercial Law solicitor Jack Gardener sets out points to consider in a contract when placing an order with a supplier or accepting one from a customer.

No Jab No Job! Is this lawful?

17th February 2021

Pimlico Plumbers plan to adopt a “no jab no job” Coronavirus vaccine rule for their workers, but is it legal?

The Most Significant Outcome for Business in Modern Times

17th February 2021

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) won a landmark legal battle at the Supreme Court over the ability of businesses to claim on insurance for Coronavirus-related disruption.

To E-sign or not to E-sign?

16th February 2021

In this article, we set out the recent guidance which has been provided by the Law Society on whether an electronic signature is sufficient to create a legally binding document.

IR35 Update

15th February 2021

New IR35 rules come into force on 6 April 2021. In this article our Employment team have set out how these will affect businesses and how you can prepare for the changes.

Are you planning to pop the question on Valentine's Day?

9th February 2021

Are you planning to pop the question on Valentine's Day? If you are, make sure you don't just put a ring on their finger – give consideration to a prenuptial agreement.

Stamp Duty Holiday Extension?

3rd February 2021

MPs debate in Parliament about extending the Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday, but it is not clear whether the government will end it on 31 March 2021 or if there will be a phased finish.

Family Mediation Week - Tom’s Story

21st January 2021

It is Day Four of Family Mediation Week, which is being supported by Haymarket Family Mediation, who are trained to put their client's children at the centre of their decision making.

Family Mediation Week - Separation and Divorce

20th January 2021

Facing separation and divorce can be a very bewildering and stressful time. However, a good first step is to get some information about your situation.

Mock Family Mediation Video

20th January 2021

As part of Family Mediation Week, the Family Mediation Council have produced a video showing a mock family mediation session, giving a snapshot of the kind of issues that are discussed.

So what is family mediation and who are family mediators?

19th January 2021

For day two of Family Mediation Week, Phillipa Johnson from the Family Mediators Association (FMA) sheds some light on what family mediation is and who are mediators.

Relationship breaking down? Don’t discount mediation

18th January 2021

As part of Family Mediation Week, Sheila Parkes who heads Haymarket Family Mediation, shares her thoughts about the benefits of mediation.

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