Domestic Abuse during the lockdown

Most people will be closely following the government’s guidance to stop infection spreading during the current coronavirus lockdown.

While we are being told to stay at home unless it is completely necessary, it has proved be a very dangerous and stressful time for those who are in an abusive relationship.

Sadly, since the lockdown, the National Domestic Abuse Helpline has seen a 25% increase in calls and requests for help, according to Refuge, which is a charity that supports women and children as well as men experiencing domestic violence.

Domestic abuse is not always physical; it is a pattern of controlling, threatening and coercive behaviour, which can also be emotional, economic or psychological. Domestic abuse of any variety will have a significant impact on your emotional wellbeing, as well as sometimes affecting other relationships and your ability to live your life as you would want.

Naturally, we highly recommend that you report any incident of domestic abuse to the police in order to protect yourself and any children you have. If the situation is an emergency an officer will attend and if proportionate, necessary and lawful to do so, arrest the perpetrator and take action to protect you from further harm.

For domestic violence victims, the decision as to whether or not to press charges against an abusive partner or family member is a complex one. In most cases, the decision will ultimately be made by the police and will depend on the nature of the allegations and the evidence to support your case.

The Family Law Act 1996 provides protection for victims of domestic violence.  If you need advice about the protection you can obtain outside of bringing criminal charges, you might want to consider a confidential conversation with one of our dedicated Family Law team at Phillips Solicitors incorporating Brain Chase Coles.

Our highly experienced and understanding team of solicitors are here to assist you as a victim of domestic abuse, putting protection for you in place urgently and without the abuser knowing if necessary. We are able to carry out our service to you working remotely, using telephone and video appointments with expert advice and a variety of legal solutions that can give you the protection you deserve.

You can rest assured that we handle every call and case in complete confidence to ensure your safety.

Please contact Hayley Eachus, head of the Family Law team at Phillips Solicitors incorporating Brain Chase Coles, by calling 01256 854633 or email [email protected]

During these difficult times our Town Gate office in Basingstoke is temporarily closed to visitors unless by prior appointment when meeting in person is essential. However, thanks to our lawyers being able to work remotely, Phillips remains fully open for business and can discuss family law issues or any other legal matters by telephone and video conference.



This article is current at the date of publication set out above and is for reference purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such. Specific legal advice about your specific circumstances should always be sought separately before taking any action.