Fresh Start for 2019

With the New Year, many of us want to take stock and review our lives.

This can range from cutting down on drinking, eating less chocolate or joining a gym. For some it is to get a divorce.

Sadly January is traditionally a busy time for divorce solicitors as often couples have tried to stay together for the sake of their children over the Christmas period.

This can be extremely stressful if a marriage is already experiencing difficulties, not least because the festive season usually brings increased financial pressures.

If this sounds familiar and you are thinking of acting on your New Year’s resolution to get a divorce, your first port of call should be to get some legal advice from one of our Family Law solicitors. They are on hand to offer you support and get you through the divorce process.

At Phillips, we know only too well that it can be a deeply emotional, upsetting and difficult time.

We are here to give advice that you can trust, particularly when it comes to your children, home and sorting out your finances.

We will listen to your concerns and discuss your options, letting you know what your rights are, as well as those of your former partner.

Our objective is to help you as quickly and effectively as possible with the best outcomes for you and your family.

Whatever the issue you face this New Year, we can help you and your family find a way forward.

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