If divorce is on your mind we are here to help you

If you have been watching the latest series of The Crown on Netflix, then you will know that the mere mention of the word ‘divorce’ is enough to send shivers down the spines of the Royal Household.

Thankfully, social attitudes to divorce and separation have significantly moved on since the 1950s. 

Nevertheless, divorce is often a deeply emotional, upsetting and difficult time.

It can be hard to stay calm and consider the implications such as who keeps the house. This can be complicated as this depends on various issues, from the needs of the children to the financial history of the marriage.

However, at Phillips we have a team of Family Law solicitors who are on hand to support you through the divorce process. We are here to give advice that you can trust, particularly when it comes to your children, home and sorting out your finances.

We will listen to your concerns and discuss your options, letting you know what your rights are, as well as those of your former partner.

Whatever the issue you face we can help you and your family find a way forward.

For more information contact Hayley Eachus by calling 01256 854633, email hayley.eachus@phillips-law.co.uk or visit www.phillips-law.co.uk/family