Neighbour Disputes

Getting embroiled in a dispute with a neighbour can be particularly stressful.

If handled properly though, there is every chance of avoiding formal litigation, which can be lengthy and extremely costly.

There are numerous ways where you could find yourself in a dispute with a neighbour. You could have a disagreement relating to the legal title to your property such as the position of boundaries or the operation of rights of way. It could be that the dispute arises more out of your neighbour’s conduct such as making excessive noise or building works that your neighbour is carrying out or proposing to carry out.

Boundaries are a common problem and are frequently fraught and complex. Whether it is by the land or use of land changing over time or by the boundary being poorly recorded; any ambiguity over the position of a boundary can lead to conflict and burden both properties.

Whilst it remains unresolved, a dispute can directly affect your property. If you wish to sell, you may have to disclose the issue which could have a negative impact on the marketability or even the value of your property. It may seem that by instructing a solicitor you are escalating a dispute, but in most cases it is the best way of moving towards a solution quickly and calmly. Dealing with a difficult neighbour directly, perhaps over the back fence can make matters worse.

Where disputes become heated it can be sensible to avoid a direct approach and seek professional help.

Cases all turn on their particular facts; we will be able to advise you clearly as to where you stand in law and what your options are. We advise that the best way to resolve disputes is by focussing on practical solutions and where possible to avoid litigation.

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