When occupying the same space as your partner sends you into orbit, you need shuttle mediation….

Mediation is a well-known way for couples to resolve issues at the end of their relationship and generally involves you both being in a room with your former partner and a mediator to discuss matters. It can be quicker and cheaper than alternative dispute resolution methods. Mediation encourages couples to compromise and helps reduce conflict which is known to be beneficial for children of separating couples. 

Sometimes the barrier to mediation is that the relationship has deteriorated to such an extent that you cannot contemplate the prospect of sitting down together in a room even with an independent mediator to address issues in mediation. Shuttle mediation gets you round that barrier and yet has all the advantages that the mediation process offers. It is simply a variant of the more usual mediation model.

With direct shuttle mediation, you are in separate rooms and the mediator moves between the two rooms to facilitate discussion and help you reach a compromise. Separate arrival and departure times are arranged to ensure that the risk of contact is minimised which can be reassuring for those of you with concerns. It can make the process possible but less stressful.

Even with Covid-19, shuttle mediation virtually is still an option. Using Zoom as the online platform, breakout rooms can replicate shuttle mediation as you can opt to be in separate “breakout rooms” while the mediator moves between the two virtual rooms helping you both achieve an agreement that is right for you both. The use of the “waiting room” is also good if you are mediating jointly online but just need a break within the meeting if feelings are running high.

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