Trish admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals

Hard work and dedication has seen a one-time office junior being admitted as a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals.

Theresa ‘Trish’ Coutts, who has worked at Phillips Solicitors for 21 years, has gained her credentials to become a paralegal.

“I started work at Phillips when I was 17,” recalled Trish, who joined the firm as an office junior.

Soon after joining the firm I did an evening A-level law course at Queen Mary’s College here in Basingstoke and from that I developed an interest in the law.

“Initially, while I was an office junior, I worked all over the firm in the various different departments, which was a good way to learn about what they all do and how they help our clients.”

Trish progressed well and eventually became a legal secretary working in the Residential Property team where she found she had a particular aptitude to liaising with clients, while handling administrative tasks in a high-pressure environment.

“Since 2007 I became a Legal Assistant working with Zoë Baxter, who now heads the Residential Property team and I’ve not looked back,” said Trish, who clearly enjoys her work.

“I deal with a lot of first-time buyers and shared ownership property transactions. I love helping people buy their first homes – it’s so satisfying and more often than not the clients are very excited about this and I like to look after them.”

Reflecting on her time at Phillips, Trish said: “I feel the firm has given me opportunities to progress. The work can be demanding at times, partly because of the high volume of work we deal with in the Residential Property team. The work can be full on while at the same time as dealing with the pressure of deadlines, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Zoë, who is also a Director at Phillips, said: “It’s wonderful news that Trish has been accepted as a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals. She has had to show evidence of her years of both legal training and legal experience and provide several glowing references in order to be accepted into this highest level of the Institute.”

“This is well deserved and she should feel very proud of herself – I am certainly proud of her.”