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Stoking Ambition

10th April 2019

Phillips Solicitors have teamed up with Basingstoke Together Business Improvement District to offer a new networking group in Basingstoke called Stoking Ambition.

Divorce reform to end blame game

9th April 2019

Divorcing couples will no longer have to blame each other for the breakdown of their marriage thanks to a new law announced by the government.

Hugging in the workplace – is it acceptable?

4th April 2019

When is physical contact such as hugging in the workplace acceptable and when does it become unacceptable behaviour?

National Living Wage

2nd April 2019

Many workers received a pay boost on April 1 with the National Living Wage being increased by almost 5%.

Leading expert joins Phillips

20th March 2019

Phillips Solicitors has expanded its offering by teaming up with consultant Anna Rabin who is a respected authority on the law relating to non-contentious construction and engineering.

International Women's Day

8th March 2019

It’s International Women’s Day! We’re proud to say that 76% of our colleagues are women.

Sheila - Guardian of the Door

6th March 2019

Described as the “Guardian of the Door,” a much-valued member of staff at Phillips Solicitors has reached a 20-year milestone.

Do I need a Business Lasting Power of Attorney?

19th February 2019

As a business owner if you become mentally incapacitated tomorrow then who would pay your bills or invoices, ensure staff salaries are paid and complete any outstanding work for your customers?

Support from the local business community spurs new appointments

28th January 2019

Following the recent arrival of two new directors, Phillips Solicitors continues to grow with three new appointments.

A ray of sunshine; what a relief

25th January 2019

It is Day Five of Family Mediation Week, organised by the Family Mediators Association (FMA) with the theme of “A ray of sunshine; what a relief.”

The clouds are parting

24th January 2019

The clouds are parting is the theme for day four of Family Mediation Week. It aims to help show separating couples to see a way through the mediation process, offering a structure and a clear pathway.

The storm will end when the pressure lifts

23rd January 2019

Day three of Family Mediation Week focusses on child inclusive mediation.

Shelter from the storm

22nd January 2019

It is day two of Family Mediation Week with the theme of 'Shelter from the Storm.'

Caught up in the storm

21st January 2019

Today is day one of Family Mediation Week, which runs until Friday 25 January. It aims to raise awareness of mediation and its benefits for separating families.

Family Mediation Week

9th January 2019

Town Gate Mediation, which is a part of Phillips Solicitors, is once again supporting Family Mediation Week, which this year runs from January 21 to January 25.

Millennials – it’s time to make a Will

8th January 2019

It is estimated that only 12% of people aged under 34 have made a Will. However, if you do not have a Will your loved one’s financial future could be at risk.

Queen of the Front Office

7th January 2019

For many people 1989 was a momentous year - it certainly was for Phillips Solicitors as that was when Theresa Dawe joined the young law firm as a receptionist.

Fresh Start for 2019

2nd January 2019

With the New Year, many of us want to take stock and review our lives. This can range from cutting down on drinking, eating less chocolate or joining a gym. Sadly, for some it is to get a divorce.

Do you engage contractors in your business?

21st December 2018

Do you engage contractors in your business? If you do, then you should start preparing for the change in the law that will be implemented in April 2020.

Phillips get into the spirit of Christmas

20th December 2018

Generous colleagues at Phillips got into the spirit of the festive season and raised £330 for Pelican Cancer Foundation.

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