Notary Public

Phillips director Jon Coles is the only Notary Public in the Basingstoke area.

As social distancing measures of the pandemic are being reduced, he can provide his Notary service either at the Town Gate offices of Phillips, in London Street, Basingstoke or via video calls using Teams and Zoom.

Fees for individuals start from £125 plus VAT.

When producing a document to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office if necessary, the fee is £150 plus VAT along with apostille handling charges.

The minimum fee for companies is £200 plus VAT.

Jon is a Notary practitioner regulated the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The duty and function of a Notary is to prepare, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and other documents, for use anywhere in the world. A Notary’s signature and official seal renders them acceptable to the judicial and/or other public authorities in the country where they are to be used. By virtue of the international status of the Notary’s office, the signature and seal of a Notary is recognised as evidence of a responsible Legal Officer in most countries of the world.

Jon is able to assist private individuals and businesses. Among his services are:-

  • Preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas
  • Dealing with purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • Providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad
  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration purposes, or to apply to marry or to work abroad
  • Authenticating company and business documents and transactions
  • Authentication and a secure record for almost any sort of transaction, document or event

For more information, please contact Jon by calling 01256 845852 or send an email to [email protected]


Terms and Conditions

As a Notary Public, Jon will witness your signature and affix his seal of office at his sole discretion.

If he prepares any documents, Jon will rely on the information you give him. You are responsible for all errors and omissions in that information.

You will be asked to acknowledge that Jon is acting as a witness only. As a Notary he is not a party to any transaction.

As Notary he accepts no legal responsibility for any delays, loss, omission, costs, claims or damages arising from his Notarisation of any of the documents.