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In addition to assisting with divorce, we provide a comprehensive range of Family Law services.  Here is an outline of just some of our other services.


You do not have to get divorced – you may prefer our family solicitors to help you simply formalise your separation with a Separation Agreement.

These are sometimes called Separation Contracts, and can deal with children issues and financial matters, or any other matters that you wish to cover, such as the division of the contents of your home and personal belongings.

Living Together Agreement

If you and your partner are intending to set up home together, or are already living together, you should think carefully about setting up a Living Together Agreement, sometimes also known as a Cohabitation Agreement.

This is a formal written agreement for couples who choose to live together, but not to marry or enter into a Civil Partnership. No one wants to think negatively at the beginning of a relationship, however it can bring maturity to a relationship by talking through these issues openly at the outset and can save a lot of time, money and stress in the long run if the situation should ever change.

Prenuptial Agreements

Pre-marital contracts, or pre-civil partnership contracts for same sex couples, sometimes known as prenups, are becoming more popular.

The English courts will consider the contract along with all the other circumstances of the case, should there be a split in the future.

Family Mediation Services

Mediation is one of the most sensible and cost effective ways of resolving family problems when a couple's relationship has broken down.

There is often a lot of distress and anger between you and your partner; family mediation can allow matters to be resolved amicably because both of you are equally involved in the decision making. The trained mediator offers a calm, impartial centre and helps to limit the conflict so that you can discuss things sensibly and make the right decisions over your own lives. It is a voluntary process and you must both agree on solutions, or there is no agreement.

If there are children then we place them at the centre of the discussions - both of you are parents of your children and need to consider their needs and feelings because you will have a continuing relationship and responsibility even after your relationship as a couple has broken down.

Civil Partnerships

Registration ensures partners acquire various rights and responsibilities towards each other, both during the relationship and on separation. Most importantly, registration gives them the legal status previously reserved for married couples.

Other Matters

At Phillips we can also assist you if you are a victim of domestic violence, injunctions, deal with financial issues arising from family breakdown, asset protection, family issues and court hearings as well as international disputes.


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