Town Gate Civil Mediation

Mediation is increasingly being recognised as a much better and sensible way for parties to resolve civil disputes because it is often much quicker and cost effective than going to Court.

In fact recent changes to court rules reflect a policy decision by the Ministry of Justice to encourage mediation, because it avoids the consequences of traditional Court proceedings giving both parties control over the outcome.

At Town Gate Mediation we can deal with almost any civil dispute, whether it is a disagreement over a contract, a building dispute or boundary disputes.

We can help you to work constructively towards a solution to help rebuild relationships and gain a better understanding of each other's position, as opposed to Court proceedings which invariably harden attitudes.

Our mediators work towards a solution that is designed to suit individual needs, rather than have a judge imposing a decision.

What happens in mediation?

Quite simply, the parties come together in the same building and have joint meetings with each other and/or private meetings with the mediator. During the confidential sessions, your mediator will help you and your former spouse or partner to identify all the issues that need to be resolved, discuss the options and reach a settlement that is acceptable to both parties.

At the end of the process we will prepare a detailed summary of the proposals reached, which you can then have made into a legally binding agreement or court order.

To make an appointment:

Please call our Mediation Administrator on 01256 854627 or send an email to 

Both parties will receive a letter explaining the process. You will need to complete a Referral Form and an Agreement to Mediate before the meeting.